The Choral Experience Series


Choral music is so much more than rehearsing and performing – it is indeed an art of discovery, exploration and connection.

Wednesday September 16, 7 PM
Musicianship I: Reading
Clinician: Deirdre Kellerman 

An engaging and interactive introduction to score reading, key recognition, rhythm analysis, and harmony. Appropriate for both beginners and advanced music readers, the workshop will focus on the implementation of skills in a choral context.

, 7 PM

Wednesday September 30, 7 PM
Musicianship II: Aural
Clinician: Deirdre Kellerman 

The second part of our musicianship workshops focuses on aural skills: solfege, the use of audiation in sight reading, and melodic/harmonic recognition.

Wednesday, October 14, 7 PM
Indian and Middle Eastern Rhythms
Clinician: Ken Shorley 

An introduction to the techniques and cultural traditions of the rhythms of Indian and Middle Eastern music. The workshop will strengthen the participant’s confidence with rhythm and with the flow of rhythmic time. Singers will develop their sense of inner time and rhythm, a skill they can take back to their choral rehearsals. 

Wednesday, November 4, 7 PM 
Full Body Expression for the Choral Stage
Clinician: Christina Murray 


In this workshop led by choral theatre expert and innovator, Christina Murray, participants will discuss and play with the connection between text, meaning and expression. This interactive workshop will touch on staging, movement, and the connection between singers and audience.

Wednesday, December 2, 7 PM
Vocal Technique for Choral Singers 
Clinician:  John Mac Master

Led by great Canadian tenor and McGill professor, John Mac Master, this workshop will offer instruction on vocal technique principles for choral singers. Participants will be led through group vocal and breathing exercises, with the option of masterclass-style feedback.



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