Jackson Kelly


Jackson Kelly is in his second year of a Bachelor of Music with Major in Physics degree at the University of Ottawa. He was homeschooled from grade 3 and started playing the drum set when he was seven, but switched to orchestral percussion two years later because his mother didn’t want him playing in a rock band. He joined the Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy in 2015 and the Parkdale Orchestra in 2017 until the pandemic intervened. Since then, he has participated in the Orchestre de la Francophonie, the Denis Wick Canadian Wind Orchestra, the National Youth Band of Canada, and the Pleinchant Choir (playing percussion). He also won first place in solo percussion in the Kiwanis Music Festival three years in a row.

Since enrolling in the School of Music at the University of Ottawa, Jackson has played in the University Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble. In addition he works part-time as a video/audio technician for the School of Music. He enjoys building LEGO and making origami in his spare time.