Ottawa Children’s Choir

The Ottawa Children’s Choir (known as the OCC) is devoted to artistic excellence, community connection and, above all, the joy of singing.

Created in 1958 as the Ottawa Board of Education Central Choir for musically gifted students, OCC was incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable organization with a board of directors in 1998. The Choir exists to artistically enrich the lives of our choristers, families and the community, and fosters the next generation of choral musicians by offering a progressively rigorous instructional choral program for children from senior kindergarten through grade 12 (Prima, Viva, Concert, Chamber and Boys’), which includes musical training, rehearsals, performances, educational outreach, mentoring and social activities.

Choristers sing in a variety of styles, languages and levels of difficulty, with emphasis on Canadian compositions, including OCC-commissioned works. OCC choirs perform regularly within the National Capital Region, at self-presented concerts, as guest performers at concerts by other ensembles, at community venues and events, and in commemorative ceremonies.